South Africa’s favourite homemade traditional malva pudding prepared in 5 different ways.

Amarula malva pudding with Rooibos custard

Amarula malva pudding with Rooibos custard is a delicious mashup of some of South Africa’s favourite flavours. We baked our own version of the Amarula malva pudding.

Malva pudding (Chocolate)

African Bites gives this rich, moist, chocolaty and Oh so easy malva pudding chocolate a chocolate makeover.

Malva Pudding Cupcakes

This is South Africa’s most loved winter pudding in cupcake form.

Sticky malva pudding

This Malva Pudding recipe is an age old version of the ever so popular ones. You can find literally anywhere.

Naartjie malva pudding

The ultimate malva pudding. Very moist and dense, it’s heart-wrenchingly delicious with a lovely, subtle naartjie tang. Best served with simple homemade pouring custard.