The new KFC dunked burger

KFC South Africa turned a few heads when it released the dunked burger, launched on the 21st of August 2018. The #DunkedBurger has created a lot of social media frenzy with enticing food porn that had tons of followers hanging on to every pic. We got behind the counter to try out the frenzy, met with mixed reactions from the fans:

“Tried the @KFCSA #DunkedBurger today, must say, it’s average AF! The chicken was unevenly cut, making it hard to hold & chow (messy). Some of the lettuce inside wasn’t fresh & the bun was already soggy from the #zinger sauce & not flavourful enough. It’s a NO from me!” – 


“I am already such a fan of KFC’s dunked wings, so when I heard of the new KFC #DunkedBurger I was so excited to be indulging in a guilty pleasure of mine! Seriously, watching the burger fillet become submerged in the dunked sauce is like legit food porn…” said media personality and actress, Khanya Mkangisa.


For us? KFC definitely lives up to their motto, Finger lickin’ good. The KFC #DunkedBurger is available until the 15th of October 2018. The cost? Just R39,90 for the burger, now that’s a whole lot of Slam Dunk! Dunked burger South Africa