Sunday lunch at Melville Grill Lounge

Melville Grill Lounge, a place I’ve always thought would impress me the first time I dined there. What I loved most about the establishment is that it is 100% black owned.

On two occasions I’ve left being disappointed and swore to never eat there again. The extremely slow service, the unfriendly waitresses and the cold food was a few things that had me disappointed in the establishment.

On a random Sunday, I decided to have “me time” this means eating at a restaurant, watching a movie or having a picnic all by myself. Ever met someone who is sucker for punishment? Yeah thats me, I decided to give Melville Grill Lounge once last try and this time they got it right!

Sunday lunch at Melville Grill Lounge


The dombolo was fresh, warm and fluffy; the mogodu had the right amount of seasoning and cooked to perfection, and their portions were more than what I was accustomed to.

This time I give them a thumbs up for changing my experience.

Sunday lunch at Melville Grill Lounge

Chakalaka and creamed spinach

Recipe: Quick and easy homemade chakalaka