Our Summer Picnic Must-Haves

Now is the perfect time for a summer picnic, here is our favourite must-have to ensure you enjoy your summer picnic in the park.

Location is very important

Picnic blanket and Camping chairs

It’s summer, having options of a picnic blanket to lay and bask in the sun and nap under a tree or sit and enjoy the view while sipping on a perfect beverage.

Bottle opener

Leaving home and finding out that you left this would be a huge disappoint and day ruined.

Chopping board and knife

For the food that needs slicing and dicing.

Plates, bowls, glasses and utensils

We all know what that is for. 🙂

Ice packs and ice blocks

To keep your drinks cool, and who knows yourself also


Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry and pineapple.


Our favourite for summer is the Frozen Strawberry Ice Lollies from Woolworths, which comes in a box of 6. You could also buy the soft scoop ice cream and eat it from the bowl or a cone.


Plain salted potato chips and creamy cheddar flavoured potato chips

Sweet treats

Donuts and Jelly Babies Sweets


Cold pasta salad and a green salad with avocado.


Wine, Juice and water

We recommend Cathedral Cellar’s Sauvignon Blanc.

Serviettes or paper towels

Plastic bag

When your summer picnic comes to an end, it’s time to clean up and leave the place the way you found it.

Summer is the season of new memories with the people you love, laughter and amazing food coupled with drinks that will definitely help ride the weather. We all have different ideas and reasons on what will make a perfect picnic, and we all have different choices in food and drinks. If you looking for a great way to create memories and enjoyable times this summer, try out our “Summer Must-Haves” and visit our social media pages and share your memories with us.

Our Summer Picnic Must-Haves

Pic: @PulyBeast