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Beastly Eats is much more than a blog,
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Look, some say Beastly Eats probably invented good food. Because it’s
 absolutely everything you’ve been craving for on the internet. Ever.

Founded by Africa’s own Goddess of Food, Pulane Mota, who is on a mission to bring out the Foodie Beast in everyone. She seeks to inspire you to grab a fork & knife, or go back to your roots and dig in with your hands. Tap into more of her African recipes that the women in our families prepared but we never understood them or never learnt.

So, here’s to mouth-watering adventures, to big and small a’nyana 
homemade Mzansi meals, to the delicious nutritious, and to those indulgent tasty treats you grab when the clock strikes twelve. Here’s to Beastly Eats keeping it 100’s.

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